Meals-on-Wheels in need of volunteers in Montgomery County

Posted at 4:54 PM, Apr 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 10:57:06-04

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — There's a shortage of volunteers with Mid-Cumberland Meals-on-Wheels in at least one Middle Tennessee county right now.

Melissa Ryder is a volunteer driver for Meals-on Wheels, and she helps deliver food to around 150 people in need in Montgomery County every day.

Ryder said, "They're all elderly or disabled or housebound so they're all really happy to see a smiling face every day and that's really rewarding to be able to do that for somebody."

One of the recipients is Vickie Smith and her dog Rosie.

Smith said, "She'll come up here and she'll tell Rosie 'come on!' And Rosie went on to the door to meet her."

This free meal is Smith's saving grace.

Smith said, "It means everything to me because there are days that I don't even feel like cooking breakfast and some days it's the only meal that I eat."

After suffering a back injury, Smith fell on hard times.

Smith said, "It hurt so bad to give up my independence."

As the population soars in Montgomery County, the nonprofit is looking to add 20 to 25 additional volunteers.

As a volunteer you would get to check on people and make sure they're okay.

"This is just the best thing that could happen to me" she said, a small tear running down her cheek. "I'm sorry, I get a little emotional."

Most days, the Meals-on-Wheels driver is the only person that Smith gets to see.

Smith said, "It's just important that somebody comes and checks on you."

Smith hopes more people will help out with the program.

Smith said, "Please, please volunteer because they need you, and we need you."

For Ryder, her route takes under two hours on Tuesday. She tries her best to keep the food warm, and in turn, her heart is warmed too.

Ryder said, "It's just really rewarding."

If you would like to volunteer you can apply here.

If you don't have time, there's a donation match program going on in April and you can donate here.