Metro Nashville Police issues warning after more than 1,000 guns stolen from vehicles this year

Posted at 5:56 PM, Nov 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-11 18:56:51-05

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) — Metro Nashville Police issued a warning for resident to lock cars, secure items and take their keys with them.

This comes on the heels of thieves stealing 1,051 guns from vehicles in 2021 alone.

"Going hand in hand with vehicle burglaries is vehicle theft. A review of last week’s stolen vehicle reports in Nashville shows that 69% of the automobiles taken — 47 of 68 — were easy targets because the keys were left inside or made available to thieves," MNPD said in a statement.

One of the 68 vehicles stolen was left running without the driver present, police said.

"Just like guns taken from vehicles, these stolen autos are also routinely involved in criminal activities, including carjackings and robberies," MNPD said in the department's statement.

Back in May, more than 300 guns were stolen this year. Meaning, in the last six months that number has more than tripled.

In November, Nashville recorded more than 100 car break ins and thefts, according to the crime activity map.