Mid-State's Own Provide Hurricane Relief in North Carolina

Posted at 10:31 PM, Sep 14, 2018

East Tennessee is now set to be included in the Florence storm zone, as crews at one of the state's most popular tourist attractions try to keep people safe.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park say most trail heads there will be closed Friday and Saturday so people don't use the park during dangerous conditions.

All this, while middle Tennessee's own are ready to help out in the hardest hit areas in North Carolina.

B.J. Bobo is a lineman with Middle Tennessee Electric.  He and his fellow linemen are there with dozens of others from the mid-state looking to help out any way they can.

He says even they were forced to hunker down as the worst of the storm passed through, but they'll soon be going door to door, racing with all the other workers there to restore power to the places that need it.