MNPS School Board Member Calls For Bond Revocation Of Son's Shooter

Posted at 3:38 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 16:16:58-04

Metro Nashville Public Schools School Board member Tyrese Hunter and Nashville community members held a press conference to demand the bond revocation of Byron Berkley,

Berkley is one of three teens believed to be responsible for a fatal shooting that severely injured Hunter's son, Roy Hunter, and killed Javonte Robinson.

The incident was a robbery turned shooting back in February of which Jevon Wilson, Terrence Rainey and Berkley were arrested and charged.

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3rd Teen Arrested In Madison Shooting
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In Thursday's rally and press conference, Hunter along with other city leaders and community members asked for the support of the community to stop the violence, and make Berkley remained incarcerated.

"Any of these three children do not need to be released to the streets to commit these crimes again," said Hunter.

Hunter also spoke about her son's journey to recovery. He's undergone multiple surgeries

Berkley is still in juvenile detention awaiting a transfer hearing in which a judge will decide whether or not to try him as an adult.

Pending that transfer hearing, he will be facing a $200,000 bond if tried as an adult. According to Court Kathy Sinback, Berkley was assigned a bond because anyone who has a transfer hearing has a right to request a bond hearing.

He would have a bond of $150,000 for the charge of homicide and a $50,000 for the charge of aggravated robbery.

Clarice Wilson, the mother of one of the suspects, 17-year-old Jevon Wilson, spoke to Newschannel 5 after today's news conference. She said she would like Hunter's son to also be held accountable.

"(The shooting) has bothered me since day one. My heart goes out to everybody. Everybody need to be held accountable. Not he's scared for his life, nobody is scared for their life. It was agreed upon that they meet, whatever happened I'm sorry, I'm holding my son accountable for his part," Wilson said.

Clarice said her son knew both the victims and suspects. He was in the back seat of the car when Hunter's son was shot.

Jevon is facing robbery and murder charges.

Clarice told police where her son was located after hearing about the shooting and said Jevon understood he may have to do some time.

"Ask your kid why was he there, we worry about kids going to get drugs, perfect example. It just turned bad," Wilson said.