Nashville family looking for their 200-pound dog that went missing after car crash

Posted at 4:18 PM, Feb 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 11:44:01-05

Update: A Nashville family has reunited with their dog, Fergus, after he went missing over the weekend following a crash.

Original story:

As temperatures drop, a family is desperately looking for their dog.

Fergus isn't your average dog. The 200-pound Irish wolfhound would be easy to spot anywhere, and yet he's been missing since the weekend.

Mickey McKay, his wife and Fergus were stopped at the intersection of Franklin Road and Tyne Boulevard Saturday evening when they were rear-ended and their car windows shattered. Fergus was ejected from the car and landed on the road.

Dash camera video shows Fergus limping away from the crash towards Judson Baptist Church.

"We lost sight of him and we’ve been searching for him since then," said his owner McKay.

The family has had Fergus since he was 2 months old.

McKay and his wife are empty-nesters but the joy of having Fergus filled up the home.

"Fergus is a member of the family," McKay said. "We got him when he was a pup and getting home last night it just felt so quiet without him."

McKay says Fergus is very friendly. If you see Fergus, approach him slowly, he still may be frightened from the accident.

McKay and his wife did sustain minor injuries from the accident but they said all of their energy has been focused on finding Fergus.

If you see him, contact McKay's daughter Meredith at 203-858-9837. A reward is being offered.