NC5 Seeks To Open Documents In David Chase Case

Posted: 5:30 PM, Mar 07, 2016
Updated: 2016-03-07 18:30:51-05

NewsChannel 5 has filed a motion asking a Williamson County judge to unseal all documents and open all court proceedings in a lawsuit filed by Nashville developer David Chase.

Chase filed the civil lawsuit against several individuals whom he claimed were involved in him being wrongfully arrested in 2014 for domestic violence.

Several documents in that lawsuit appear to have been filed under seal, and efforts by NewsChannel 5 and its attorney to obtain recently filed pleadings in that case have been unsuccessful.

"The circumstances surrounding the dismissal of those changes have become an issue in this litigation," wrote Ronald G. Harris, attorney for NewsChannel 5's parent company, Scripps Media.

"Defendants have subpoenaed the Davidson County District Attorney General Glenn R. Funk for a deposition in this case. Mr. Funk has objected to the subpoena. A Motion to Compel Mr. Funk's deposition and the exhibits to that motion were filed under seal and access to such filings has been blocked."

Harris noted that NewsChannel 5 "is not seeking to obtain clearly private information or any proprietary business information of the parties or non-parties, but rather does believe that there is a substantial public interest in the information regarding the bringing and dismissal of the criminal charges brought against Plaintiff Mr. Chase in Davidson County."

To read NewsChannel 5's motion, click here.

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