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Demolition On James Cayce Homes Underway

Posted at 6:06 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 20:47:07-04

Out with the old, and in with the new. The old James Cayce homes began to come down on Monday to make room for Envision Cayce. This demolition was just the start of a massive project.

It's a familiar sound if you live in Nashville -- demolition and construction -- but now, residents living in the James Cayce homes are familiar with that sound, too, as crews begin work on Envision Cayce.

"Everything that we're doing here is to provide greater opportunity for our residents of low income through redeveloping into a mixed-income, mixed-use site," said Jim Harbison, Metropolitain Development and Housing Agency Executive Director.

Harbison said the James Cayce homes were built in 1937, and because they are so old, the buildings need to be replaced.

"We've maintained them as much as you can humanly do, but these buildings are at the end of their shelf life," said Harbison.

But some nearby residents are concerned the mixed-income housing may not be affordable for everyone.

"It's only going to be for people who can afford it. In that area, there's a lot of changes. I mean, it's good for that part of East Nashville, but let's keep the residents that's been living in the east side of Nashville in the community, as well," said Bartholomew Jackson.

But Harbison said it's all about ending concentrated poverty and being sure the current residents all have a place in the new plan.

"Our challenge in our recapitalization is making sure we take care of our families first," he said.

It is a vision for six different MDHA properties that it hopes to have completed in the next ten years.

MDHA holds public meetings once a month on its Envision project in each property. J.C Napier and Tony Sudekum apartments are next in the project.


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