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Group Holds Classes To Help Slow Down Speeding Neighborhood Cars

Posted at 6:44 PM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 19:44:20-04

If you have a problem with drivers speeding by your house in your neighborhood, one local group wants to make it easier to stop that problem.

In the Sylvan Park neighborhood, recently installed speed bumps -- or "speed cushions" as they're called -- have cut down speeding in that area.

The same result has been seen on Fairfax Avenue near Eakin Elementary where the traffic pattern was altered back and forth to slow down traffic speed.

The group Walk Bike Nashville said these examples of traffic calming are especially important in areas without sidewalks where some people walk in the street.

To help neighbors in other parts of town, the group is hosting classes -- called Traffic Calming 101 -- to teach neighbors how to request things like this where they live in order to get traffic down to safer speeds.

The group said the place to start is to speak with your council member, and you can take advantage of a newly re-vamped city website -- hubNashville.

"You can go to hubNashville and submit a request, and the city will reach out to each neighbor who submits a request to come up with creative solutions," said Nora Kern, of Walk/Bike Nashville.