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New Bike Signs Could Provide More Info. To Cyclists

Posted at 10:22 PM, Jun 27, 2018

As more people move to Nashville, the city is trying new ways to get more people to use bicycles to get around. But there's a problem that one city committee hopes to tackle first.

Wednesday, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee unveiled how the city wants to put up more bike signs, with distance and time estimations to stopping points.  The city hopes the extra information will increase the confidence of newer cyclists, getting more people on bikes as the city grows.

The group Walk Bike Nashville supports the idea.

"(The current signs) we have on this route just tell you its part of the Music City Bikeway, but it doesn't tell you where this greenway goes, it doesn't tell you about transit stops, there's a bus stop right up there," said Nora Kern, the group's Executive Director.

The city still has to decide on a final design, and how much it would cost to add the new signs.