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Residents Fight To Stop Liquid Waste Facility From Moving To Their Neighborhood

Posted at 4:26 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 19:22:51-04

Residents in the Haynes-Trinity neighborhood want to stop a non-hazardous waste plant from moving to their neighborhood. The “grease plant,” as neighbors call it, would move from Baptist World Center Drive to an area off Whites Creek Pike.

Mary Carver-Patrick is with the Haynes-Trinity neighborhood coalition. She is concerned the liquid waste plant will affect her health. She said they already have a rock quarry and asphalt plant near her neighborhood.

“This time we are just saying no more. We’ve been dumped on enough. Don’t dump on us again," said Carver-Patrick. "We’ve had enough. Enough! How much more must we bear? Must we bear another cross for the it city?” 

While Onsite Environmental processes greases and oily wastes, their attorney Tom White, said the move will have minimal affect on residents. White said due to the re-development of the area next to the Cumberland River, Onsite Environmental needs to move to meet new zoning requirements.  

Metro Ordinance

Community members will hold a press conference at 5p.m. on Tuesday at the North Police Precinct. They are asking Metro Council members to vote against moving the liquid waste facility.

The Metro Council will have a third and final reading to approve the move Sept. 4.