Pastor Helps Police Capture Triple-Murder Suspect

Posted at 7:36 PM, Feb 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-20 21:00:58-05

A local pastor helped lead police to the man believed to be responsible for killing three people at an Allen County, Kentucky home.

Edward "Dilon" Siddens was arrested Monday night. He had made it half way across the country before local pastor Stephen Bratcher alerted police.

"I hate that three people are dead, good people," Bratcher said.

Monday morning, an Allen County meter reader found 41-year-old Jimmy Siddens II, 73-year-old Jimmy Siddens, and 72-year-old Helen Siddens dead in their yard from multiple gunshot wounds.

"He was also charged with violating an EPO, domestic violence order of protection. So I don't know if maybe he grandparents or his uncle had that against him,"said Bratcher.

Bratcher heard about the triple murder and posted condolences on Facebook to the family. That's when Edward Siddens, who goes by "Dilon," reached out.

The suspect "waved" at the pastor on Facebook, and then they began messaging back and forth.

In one message the pastor said, "Feel the Lord telling me to help you get this resolved peacefully and safely."

Dilon responded saying, "But we'll know why, and what it took, and I bet we all have to end up comfortable with it... More than that... But I'm sure they won't be in the gates with that at least."

"He started saying some things that were just out there, didn't make sense," Bratcher said.

The pastor called police, and after speaking to him, they were able to ping Siddens' phone more than 1,100 miles away in Colorado. 

"I mentioned to detectives, I don't know if he's on drugs real bad or he's just lost his mind, and the detective kind of thought he's kind of lost his mind, but it could be a combination of both," Bratcher said.

Police in Sedgwick County spotted the truck that Siddens allegedly stole from his grandparents. He led them on a short pursuit before surrendering.

"I'm thankful that it was resolved peacefully and no law enforcement was hurt, and he wasn't hurt," said Bratcher."

According to Kentucky State Police, they were working to get Siddens extradited back to Allen County, Kentucky.

Siddens was charged with three counts of murder, auto theft, and violating an order of protection.