Pedicab Passenger Faces Sexual Battery Charge

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jul 24, 2017

A man visiting Music City was arrested on a sexual battery charge for allegedly groping a pedicab driver on West End of Nashville.

Metro Nashville Police officials said early Friday morning, 28-year-old James Stoner, visiting from Mississippi, got into a pedicab - a bike with a large seat behind it for passengers.

According to police, he was drunk when he started "Grabbing and squeezing" the "butt" of the woman operating the pedicab.
When she told him to stop, Stoner said "she was beautiful and that he wanted to lick her all over, so it was ok for him to touch her."

The cyclist called police, and stoner was eventually arrested, but tourists said they felt like this kind of behavior has become more frequent over the years.

"It's progressively getting worse, that's why I decided to come Sunday through Saturday morning, and not even come on a Saturday night," said Helene Miele, visiting from New Jersey.

Stoner was charged with sexual battery and public intoxication.