Police: Security video shows Michael Mosley attacking woman inside Walmart

Mosley also charged In double fatal stabbing
Posted at 12:01 PM, Feb 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-24 19:22:11-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The suspect in a triple stabbing that left two men dead in downtown Nashville claims he acted in self-defense.

Michael Mosley is charged with homicide, but says he's not a violent person. But now exclusive video seems to tell a very different story, video that will be key evidence in the criminal case.

Michael Mosley appearing in court. (FILE photo)

Before Mosley was arrested for the triple stabbing, he was already charged in a pending aggravated assault case. The evidence in that attack case is raising questions about Mosley's demeanor and conduct.

The security video is from a Nashville Walmart on Charlotte Pike. Metro police say Mosley walks in with a gray hoodie talking on his cellphone. He's looking for someone -- and when he finds her he attacks.

Watch the video below:

Mosley catches the woman completely by surprise, knocking her to the floor. He proceeds to kick and punch her repeatedly. Police say at one point he stabs her in the eye with a key.

Then as other customers approach, Mosley runs from the scene out the front door and into the parking lot. He's later arrested.

"Somebody just hit me in the eye so I lost my sight. And I was covering and he started throwing me and kicking me," Mollie Baker said.

The attack was two years ago.

Why did Mosley attack Baker? She and her husband Daniel are awaiting trial, charged in the shooting death of Mosley's stepbrother in 2016.

But, Mosley was arrested for taking matters into his own hands by going after Baker. And, video of that attack now raises questions about his conduct in the triple stabbing case.

"A person has a right to defend themselves if in danger of serious injury or death," said Mosley's attorney Justin Johnson.

Mosley is charged with stabbing Clay Beathard and Paul Trapeni III to death and injuring A-J Bethurum outside the Dogwood Bar on December 21st of last year.

In a letter to Newschannel5, Mosley wrote "I feel as though I've already been convicted by the way I was portrayed."

His lawyer Johnson said it's unfair to judge Mosley on his criminal past which includes assaults and burglaries. He said his client acted in self-defense.

Prosecutors argue the attack outside the bar was not justified.

"There is absolutely nothing that Clay Beathard, Paul Trapeni and A-J did to bring this on themselves," said Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman.

The video from the Walmart shows Mosley attacking a helpless woman by surprise in a very public place is sure to raise questions at trial.

Will it be introduced? It's known that there is video -- not yet public -- of the stabbings outside the bar which will be used at trial.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have met with Baker, and they may also try showing video of the Walmart attack to jurors.

The homicide charges against Mosley in stabbing case are in the hands of the Grand Jury. An indictment is expected any day now.

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