'Purple hair porch pirate' on the run

Suspected porch pirate
Posted at 4:13 PM, Dec 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-10 17:13:08-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Neighbors want to warn their community about a suspected porch pirate with purple hair.

On September 4th, Jackson Brock said the woman with purple hair stole his packages on Moore Avenue. "It was these vintage like Kobe Bryant t-shirts, I was like super excited,” Brock said, “It was the most random thing to get stolen."

She left him a box of insulin in return. Neighbor Deana Colby said, "and the monitor for the insulin."

Colby has been on the lookout ever since, and she said she spotted the lady's car before noon Wednesday.

Colby said, "It was pretty noticeable because it has a black panel on it, and her window was rolled down, and the purple hair stood out."

Barefooted, Jackson and Deana's husband ran after the suspected porch pirate. "We ran down to the dead end side of the street we were like, 'Hey we have you on video, like we know who you are,' and she’s like denying everything. I’m pulling out my phone to get the video. and like step in front of her car, and she like clips my leg, speeds off, like going down our street like 50 miles an hour,” Brock said.

According to Murfreesboro Police, they also caught her doing the exact same thing there and posted about it on Facebook on September 9th. They said she would steal a package and leave an empty box behind. Sometimes, she pretended to scan the package like a delivery driver. They identified her and took out theft warrants.

Meanwhile, Deana has done some investigating of her own. Colby said, "We did learn she had a Poshmark where she sells all of these items, so any time we hear of people missing packages, I like to send them that link to ensure that they check there for their items."

They hope this serves as a warning to their Wedgewood Houston neighbors. Brock said, "Make sure you have alerts set up on your phone, like when you get packages, soon as you get them go get them because this lady’s out here on these streets, and she’s taking everybody’s packages."

On September 4th, a neighbor did call 911. This past Wednesday at noon, they tried to call Metro Police's non-emergency line but couldn't get through to anyone for twenty minutes. We reached out to the Murfreesboro Police spokesperson for her name but never heard back. The neighbors also emailed Murfreesboro police but did not get a response.