Residents 'cautiously optimistic' after sewer meeting

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 18, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Residents of Sumner County were partially placated after a meeting about a controversial sewer line.

The plan would run a sewer line up Station Camp Creek from Long Hollow Pike, but residents who live along the creek are worried the county is going to take their land for the project.

The meeting ran until 1:30 a.m. Residents voiced concerns about the size of the proposed sewer pipe. They say a 15 inch pipe is too much and points to future development being the real reason for the sewer pipe plan.

"We feel cautiously optimistic about what was happening," said Deborah Holmes, who owns the lot where the pipe project would start. "We had some movement, we had a lot of great discussion. It's taken us 10 months to get some answers, all of the sudden in the past couple of weeks, we've a lot of questions answered."

Holmes says the county commission is discussing a less invasive access road that would be less visible. She's also hoping the commission will consider a smaller pipe, or perhaps a pipe that runs up the road instead of through the yards of residents.

"What we've been told is that the sewer is for the school. We've got to have the sewer for the school. Which that is true. But if the sewer is specifically for the school, then that would only have to be an eight inch pipe, from what we've been told from the engineers that we've talked with," she said.

Still, County Commissioner Jeremy Mansfield said he doesn't believe the commission made any solid moves to help residents. He still fears the county may condemn residents' land to convert into greenway or an access road.

The issue will now be discussed by a county committee.