Suspect in High Profile Bombing Case Released From Jail on Bond

Posted at 4:38 PM, Oct 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 19:55:45-04

Accused bomber, Mitchell Hunter Oakes, was released from jail after making bond. He is still charged with attempted murder in Williamson County, but for now, he's free.

A judge radically lowered his $4 million bond to $50,000. after one jury already found him not guilty. Oakes has been locked up for more than two years, most recently at the Williamson County jail.

Maggie Bisutti met her boyfriend Oakes as he walked out of the jail.

"We just know there's a case pending that's all. It shouldn't be pending, but it is," said Bisutti.

That case made big news two years ago. Police responded to a report of an explosive at a senior care facility in Williamson County. Oakes was arrested and charged with planting a bomb in his estranged wife's car.

Accused Bomber Found Not Guilty Faces Second Trial

The case finally went to trial in federal court this summer. Oakes' lawyers argued he was framed.

"We believe his estranged wife planted the bomb in her car," said David Komisar, one of Oakes' attorneys. The wife denied this.

After a three-week trial the jury found Oakes not guilty, but he didn't go free.

Williamson County prosecutors then took him into custody charging him with attempted murder.

"It's the same facts. Same facts, different charges," said Komisar.

There's no indication prosecutors have any new evidence. But, if and when the case goes to trial, they'll seek a different verdict than the one delivered from the federal jury.

Oakes, who declined comment because of the pending litigation, is bracing for another trial. But at least he's out of jail for now. 

"What next? What now? We are going to go home and celebrate," said Bisutti. 

Oakes attorneys said their client will not consider any plea deal.

It's worth noting: Federal prosecutors have a 93 percent conviction rate, but the federal jury in this case found Oakes not guilty.

His lawyers believe it will be the same result the second time around.