What happens if you need to abandon your vehicle in the snow?

People forced to abandon their cars after Nashville snow
Posted at 4:40 AM, Jan 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-07 13:53:14-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — We've seen so many cars sliding, getting stuck and even crashing into each other since the snowfall.

Many drivers were forced to up and leave their cars on the side of the road to get to safety.

If you leave your car, the state will consider it "immobile" and it will eventually be towed.

The best advice is to get to your car before the tow trucks do.

According to the Tennessee Department of Revenue, within three days of your vehicle being towed, a tow company will mail a request to the state to figure out who owns the vehicle and then notify the owner. If it's an out-of-state vehicle, then tow companies have 15 days to notify you.

The vehicle owners can't be charged for more than 60 days of storage with their consent, according to the state.

Owners will then need to settle up with the company for towing and storage, and you'll get your car.

If you don't retrieve your car, it could be sold at an auction. Bottom line, the best thing is to try to get your car when it's safe and before the tow trucks come.

If you do crash and leave your car without getting in touch with law enforcement, you have 20 days to fill out a report and send it to the state. It asks if there was any property damage associated with the crash. You can find that document here.