Dangerous Heat Continues (07.07.22)

Posted at 4:33 AM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-07 22:08:26-04

Excessive Heat Warning until Midnight Friday

Tonight: Warm & Muggy, Few Storms Early |Low: 78| S-5
Friday: Hot & Humid, Scat. Showers & Storms, |High: 98, Heat Index: 105-115|S 5-10
In Depth:
Are your days running together? High heat + dangerous humidity = extreme heat warnings again.

The heat index is expected to top 110 degrees for several hours during the day. A heat advisory is issued when that index is expected to top 105 degrees for several hours. The warning and advisory will be in place through Friday.

Please limit time outdoors. Check on your friends, family, and neighbors (including pets).

Scattered showers/storms will return again on Friday during the heat of the day. Not everyone will receive rain... but those that do will get some much-needed liquid sunshine PLUS slightly cooler temperatures. However, please be advised that some storms could turn strong/severe. The main concern is damaging winds, heavy downpours, and frequent cloud-to-ground lightning.