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NewsChannel 5 teams up with WeatherCall to bring location-specific weather warnings to you 24 hours a day

Posted at 4:03 PM, Jun 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 13:47:15-04

Tornadoes can happen at any time. But in Tennessee, most of ours happen in the evening or overnight hours. In fact, we lead the nation in nighttime tornadoes. They are especially dangerous because they strike when people are sleeping.

That's why we are partnering with WeatherCall to give you another way to stay safe in severe weather.

WeatherCall is a subscription-based system that calls you when a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning is issued for your location.

WeatherCall continuously monitors the warnings issued by the National Weather Service. When a severe weather warning includes your specific location, you'll receive a phone call no matter what time of day it is. Along with a NOAA weather radio, it's your best chance to stay weather aware - especially in the middle of the night.

Recently, the National Weather Service began issuing confirmed tornado and "extreme" severe thunderstorm warnings. When that happens for your specific location, you will automatically receive a phone call from the Storm 5 weather team alerting you to the danger.

Anytime there is a warning you will get a text message and an email with information about the warning and a link to live radar.

Unlike tornado sirens, WeatherCall will only call you when your specific address is included in a warning. You'll be alerted to tornado warnings and the most severe thunderstorms - ones that carry 70-mile an hour winds or have hail the size of golf balls.

A WeatherCall subscription costs $12 a year and includes up to 2 phone numbers so you can set it to call both your home phone and your cellphone.

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