Storm 5 Alert through Wednesday afternoon (1.30.23)

Posted at 5:17 AM, Jan 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-30 23:14:27-05

One-two Punch Of Wintry Weather

Tonight: Rain/Freezing Rain Possible |Low: 32| NW 5-10
Tomorrow: Cloudy, AM Rain/Freezing Rain, PM Shower Ch.|High: 38| N 5-10

In Depth:
A one-two wintry punch looks to impact parts of the mid-state over the next two nights. This won't be a snowy wintry wonderland, but instead it'll be a slushy icy set-up with some spots getting more significant impacts than others.

Round one moves in late Monday night and winds down shortly after sunrise Tuesday. It'll bring primarily freezing rain to areas West and Northwest of Nashville, with a glaze of up to .20" of freezing rain/sleet accumulations.

Tuesday afternoon will be a brief break, with temperatures climbing above freezing during the afternoon. This will melt whatever ice accumulates late Monday. The break doesn't last long; round two moves in as early as the afternoon commute Tuesday and lasts through lunchtime Wednesday. A mixture of sleet (ice pellets), freezing rain (rain that forms a glaze of ice), wet snowflakes, and good ol' fashioned cold raindrops will fall from late Tuesday through midday Wednesday.

Thursday will bring around 1/2" of rain and sunshine will finally return by Friday.