How To Safely View The Total Solar Eclipse

Posted at 1:33 PM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 20:12:03-04

As solar eclipse glasses sell out quickly across Middle Tennessee, there are some strategies people can use to view the eclipse by using shadows.

The Adventure Science Center sold out of nearly 50,000 eclipse glasses in three days. The president and CEO said they are glad the glasses are so popular, because it means people are taking an interest in science.

"It's hugely important to get the right viewing glasses," said Steve Hinkley, "If you look with something that either is damaged, that may be the correct type of glass but has been damaged, [but] you don't want to use those. If it's the wrong type of glass, then you certainly don't want to use those, because ultimately, it's the kind of thing that can create permanent retinal damage."

Hinkley said many people were buying large amount of eclipse glasses for family, friends or business colleagues. 

The science center was able to order 10,000 more eclipse glasses which will arrive on Friday.

Hinkley suggests these ideas to watch the eclipse safely if you're unable to obtain glasses: Using a colander, or a perforated grill sheet, hold the kitchenware so that a shadow falls on the ground. Try to flatten it out so it creates a perfect circle on the ground. The shape made by the light traveling through will show you the amount the moon is covering the eclipse.

It's important to not look throw the kitchenware at the sun, or look at the sun at all without the proper protective eyewear.


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