Shelters open for those displaced by floodwaters

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Posted at 6:50 PM, Aug 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-23 21:30:39-04

WAVERLY, Tenn. (WTVF) — A total of four shelters have opened for residents displaced by the deadly flash flooding that hit over the weekend.

Waverly residents had a matter of minutes to grab items from their homes before escaping the rushing waters.

For some, all that's left of their belongings are what they carried with them to the shelter. Others were fortunate enough to return to what was left of their homes and pick up more.

But many are having to start over with nothing.

“Everything we own is in my truck right now that’s it," said Ernie Lopez whose home was destroyed in the flood. "The one thing I found when we went back was my Social Security card, and my birth certificate, and ID. That’s my only proof of who I am. That’s it. Everything else is gone. 50 years of my stuff, everything is gone. It’s hard to deal with, but you do what you gotta do.”

The Red Cross and National Guard have responded to help those like the Lopez family. They continue to connect people with the help they need and coordinate options for long-term housing. Some nurses and even mental health professionals are on standby.

Jodi Cox told us she’s working on a plan, but right now she’s grateful to be where she is.

“I just want to let my friends and family in Murfreesboro know that I am safe," said Cox. "I saw my house yesterday and it is two houses over and three houses back. It’s not on its foundation anymore. It’s totally destroyed. I have lost everything, but I am safe so I’m very glad and thankful for that.”

At the Waverly Church of Christ shelter, organizers have received many donations, but organizers say they have all they can handle at this point. A few semi-trailers were brought in to store extra supplies.

For now, they’re accepting monetary donations to help buy future supplies. Click here to see how you can donate to help flood victims at the church.

You can also give by donating to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.