Sheriff Says Teens Were Street Racing Before Fatal Crash

Posted at 3:56 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 19:20:21-04

Two teens were killed in a crash in Dickson County, and the Sheriff says they were street racing prior to the incident.

According to a press release, a Dickson Co. deputy saw a car and motorcycle racing on Highway 46 South.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol's report, the driver was 19-year-old Michael T. Fitch. Three others were also in the vehicle. Layton Woodard, 17, William Howard, 17, and Chelsie Woodard were also in the vehicle.

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Shortly after the deputy spotted the vehicle, he saw the car, driven by Fitch, swerve into the motorcycle's lane, forcing it into the emergency lane.

The deputy turned on his blue lights and that's when Fitch allegedly turned onto Old Highway 46 and drive down the middle of the road, while the motorcycle continued on Hwy. 46S.

The deputy initiated a traffic stop, which the vehicle did stop for, but once the deputy stepped out of his patrol car, the vehicle sped off, turning down Tidwell Switch Road.

Fitch allegedly drove away so quickly that the deputy wasn't able to catch up to the vehicle. However, as he continued down Tidwell Switch Road, he saw the vehicle smoking next to a tree in a sharp curve. He got out and began to help the four occupants inside.

East Hickman High School seniors Layton Woodard and Will Howard died at the scene of the crash Layton's sister, Chelsie, was critically injured and remains hospitalized. Fitch was hurt but is expected to be okay.

Officials are awaiting toxicology reports to determine if alcohol was involved in the crash.