TDOT Ready For Permanent Bridge Repairs After April Tanker Crash

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - It was the mistake that brought Nashville to a standstill during the Rock 'n Roll Marathon weekend and the night of a post-season hockey game at Bridgestone Arena. And it happened Friday afternoon in time for rush hour.

"This is kind of a worst case scenario for us," said TDOT Spokesperson Heather Jensen remembering that day in April, "someone hits our bridge and we've got to deal with repairs, we've got to deal with traffic."

A driver who was never supposed to be there slammed the I-40 Bridge from I-65, shutting down two interstates for almost a full day. His TDOT-issued permit allowed him to travel in West Tennessee, but not through Nashville due to the size of the water tanker he hauled.

"We're already in the process to make sure that he is held accountable, and that means paying for the damages, all this money we're about to spend," Jensen said.

TDOT thinks that could be $750,000 or more. They plan to get that from the driver, his insurance or company DG Equipment Movers.

After temporarily shoring up the bridge, materials are now ready and permanent repairs will begin June 22 weekend. They will start Friday at 8 p.m. and conclude Monday by 6 a.m. TDOT plans another weekend closure for July 13, weather permitting.

"It's pretty extensive work. They're going to take down some railing and once they take it all down and fix everything they've got to put everything back (including) concrete, striping," Jensen said.

Drivers heading downtown can use Franklin Pike/8th Ave S as an alternate route. 

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