Top Story Of 2017: Effects Of Jocques Clemmons Shooting Still Linger

Posted at 4:16 PM, Dec 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-29 19:48:27-05

It's a drama that has continued to this day, but it started back in February as a police shooting that became one of the biggest stories of 2017.

That's when Metro Police shot and killed Jocques Clemmons, leading to an uproar among some who said police went too far.

The shooting took place near the James Cayce homes back in February. At the time, police said 31-year-old Clemmons was shot and killed by Officer Josh Lippert who approached him about running a stop sign.

Surveillance video taken from the Cayce homes showed Clemmons driving through a stop sign and parking in a nearby parking lot. A five-year police veteran, Officer Lippert pulled in behind him in an unmarked squad car.

Next, the cameras captured confrontations between Lippert and Clemmons. Clemmons can be seen charging at Officer Lippert.

According to police, during a scuffle, a pistol fell from Clemmons' waistband. Police said he picked it back up and refused to drop it despite Officer Lippert's repeated demands to do so. Clemmons can be seen between the two cars.

Believing he was in imminent danger, Officer Lippert opened fire, shooting Clemmons in the back.

The local NAACP called for a complete and fair investigation. Within days, several people who believed Officer Lippert didn't need to use deadly force took to the streets, including Black Lives Matter.

Meanwhile, other leaders like Reverend Enoch Fuzz called for a citizens oversight commission for the Metro Police Department in an effort to ease tension.

Still, the protests continued, but later in February, the group angry over the death of Clemmons took a new step: entering a Metro Council meeting already underway, bringing it to a halt.

The conflict over the shooting even extended to the agencies investigating it, with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Metro Police agreeing that the TBI will investigate any future fatal officer-involved shootings in Nashville.

Nearly three months after the shooting, the Nashville District Attorney announced no charges would be filed against Officer Lippert, but the report criticized some Metro Police procedures that the district attorney's office said could lead to potential bias.

Months after the decision, protests over the shooting have continued to this day.

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