Westmoreland killing spree victim remembered as a 'sweet person'

Posted at 4:46 PM, May 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-02 22:08:42-04

WESTMORELAND, Tenn. (WTVF) — Shirley Fehrle is being remembered as a 'sweet person' after she was murdered during a killing spree in Westmoreland.

A stranger left flowers outside Shirley Fehrle's home after she was killed.

Randy Anderson said, "She loved flowers, I know that."

Investigators believe Shirley was murdered in cold blood when her car was stolen by accused killer Michael Cummins.

This comes after law enforcement officers found six people dead in a home, which sparked a manhunt.

According to neighbor Randy Anderson, Shirley didn't bother anyone. She also didn't know Michael Cummins.

Anderson "It's sad because she was the type that took care of herself, just minded her own business."

Shirley was a widow who retired in Sumner County after being a nurse.

Anderson said Shirley was friendly to everyone on Luby Brown Road.

Anderson said, "I'll remember her as a sweet, kind, sweet smile, sweet lady, good neighbor."

Every day Randy's dog would pay Shirley a visit.

Anderson said, "That little dog, he was a short little fat dog we called him 'Tubby,' he was a good little old dog, he'd go over there about every day and visit."

Randy thought it was the sweetest thing.

Anderson said, "She'd sit out on the porch and rub his head and play with him."

But now, Shirley is gone, and her accused killer is in the hospital recovering after being shot by a deputy.

As the community tries to find a new normal, Randy said he will remember Shirley for her kind smile and friendly spirit.

Anderson said, "A good person, a nurse, loved people, and loved to help people."

Funeral arrangements have been announced for six of the murder victims.

There will be a vigil for them Thursday night at 7p.m. at Westmoreland Middle School.