Tornado survivors in Mayfield turn to temporary shelters for help

Posted at 2:23 AM, Dec 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-15 13:40:20-05

WINGO, Ky. (WTVF) — Tornado survivors in Mayfield said they will never forget what unfolded this past weekend, no matter how hard they try.

Many people are now relying on the help from volunteers to get through these tough times.

Members of a church in Wingo — like many other volunteers — have stepped in to help many who need it the most after the deadly tornadoes.

People like Walter Shelton said he will never forget Friday, Dec. 10.

"I never seen nothing like before in my life and I've never, never been that scared. I was scared," Shelton said.

The sounds of his roof being torn apart and debris hitting the side of his house is something he said he won’t be able to shake.

"Let me tell you something else about that tornado, it seemed like it was just angry," he said. "It was just something evil about this thing."

A tornado ripped through Kentucky late Friday after causing destruction in three other neighboring states.

"It was remarkable," Shelton said. "I mean, it was a sight to see. You know there's no way Hollywood could have duplicated that. No way. This is real."

Shelton said his fears keep him up a night.

The day before he was able sleep in his bed and now he has a choice between a cot or a chair.

"I still can hear it, you know and yesterday was the first day I was able to eat."

Shelton has been here at this temporary shelter in Wingo since Saturday morning. His neighborhood in Mayfield like many others are unrecognizable.

But places like the Way Church and it’s volunteers are helping.

The church has set up cots, beds and even toys for the kids. Staff here are helping people land back on their feet.

Shelton and others affected by the tornadoes could be without heat, water or electricity in frigid temperatures for weeks or longer, state officials warned this week.

At least 88 people, including 74 in Kentucky, were killed by the tornado outbreak.