Joe Clyde Daniels case: Judge denies bond reduction for Joseph Daniels

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Posted at 7:42 AM, Apr 06, 2021
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CHARLOTTE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A two-day motions hearing in the Joe Clyde Daniels case concluded Tuesday, with a judge denying a bond reduction request for Joseph Daniels.

Daniels appeared in court for Tuesday's hearing, which was a continuation from last Thursday.

Last week, prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed to sever the cases of Joseph and Krystal Daniels into two trials. Judge Wolfe ruled that Joseph Daniels will stand trial first on June 1. The case will be heard by a sequestered jury brought in from outside Dickson County.

After the hearing got underway last Thursday, Detective Trevor Daniel read the father's chilling, written admission in open court:

"Earlier that night he awoke and urinated on the floor. I beat him and he ran outside ... I brought him back and that's when I killed baby Joe."

However, Daniels’ attorney, Jake Lockert, got Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Agent Joey Boyd to admit there is no physical evidence to corroborate his client's story.

Legal experts said that single decision may well dictate guilt or innocence in this case.

Joseph Daniels has since recanted that confession and said he was coerced under lengthy questioning. His five-year-old son's body has never been found.

Judge Wolfe scheduled another motions hearing next month to consider whether or not the confession will be allowed to be used as evidence in the trial. He's expected to issue a written ruling on the matter.

Judge David Wolfe ruled that no damaging statements from Joseph’s wife, Krystal Daniels, can be used against him at trial. She is charged with child neglect in the case and had told the Tennessee Bureua of Investigation she saw her husband beating the boy the night he disappeared.

Daniels' attorney asked Judge Wolfe to lower his one million dollar bond, but it was denied.

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