NWS: 10 tornadoes hit Middle Tennessee, Kentucky in March tornado outbreak

Posted at 11:14 PM, Mar 05, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — As National Weather Service crews continue to survey the damage from the deadly tornado outbreak, the tornado count continues to grow.

NWS officials say nine tornadoes hit the mid-state Monday night and early Tuesday morning.


Warren County: EF-2
Christian County: EF-1 (90 mph)


Nashville EF-3 (165mph) 60.13 miles
Smith/Putnam EF-0 (75mph) 5.88 miles
Cookeville EF-4 (175mph) 8.21 miles
Cookeville/Goffton EF-0 (75mph) 0.23 miles
Benton County: EF-2 (125 mph) 6 miles
Caroll County: EF-2
Cumberland County: EF-0 (near Overton County border)
Humphreys County: EF0

The preliminary report from the NWS Nashville confirms that one long track tornado (more than 60 miles long) is responsible for the damage across Davidson, Wilson, and Smith counties. It varied in strength over the course of its path.

3D image of 60-mile tornado > click "Tennessee_Tornado_Path_Skyline" on left side of page

The tornado touched down at John. C. Tune airport as an EF-2 tornado with wind speeds of 130mph. It maintained EF-2 strength as it moved into Germantown with damage consistent with 125mph wind.

The tornado intensified as it moved into East Nashville with maximum speeds of 136-140mph. It reached it's maximum strength in the Donelson area as an upper EF-3 with 160-165mph wind. The tornado steadily marched into Mt. Juliet maintaining EF-3 strength with winds between 155-160mph.

The tornado continued as an EF-1 through Lebanon and into Smith Co. This preliminary information from the NWS will be confirmed in the coming days. As it stands a 50.25 mile tornado would make it the 5th longest on record for Middle Tennessee.

The tornadoes took the lives of 25 people across the mid-state.

Putnam County: 18 killed
Nashville: 2 killed
Wilson County: 4 killed
Benton County: 1 killed