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TIMELINE: Toxic School Water

TIMELINE: Toxic School Water
Posted at 9:35 AM, Apr 12, 2018

An exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation exposed secrets that Metro Schools kept from parents - secrets about toxic lead in the schools' drinking water. Here is a timeline of that investigation:

June 29, 2017: Tests Show Lead In Metro Schools' Drinking Water

A NewsChannel 5 investigation discovers children exposed to dangerous levels of lead in their water. It occurred where you expect children to be safe -- right inside their own schools.

June 30, 2017: MNPS Ignored High Results, Kept Parents In Dark

A continuing NewsChannel 5 investigation raises the question: Did Metro Schools ignore evidence that children were being exposed to dangerous amounts of lead in their drinking water?

July 10, 2017: Parents Accuse MNPS Of 'Negligence' In Lead Test

They're upset after learning about tests that showed lead in the drinking water of some of the district's oldest buildings -- tests that school officials decided not to share with parents.

July 10, 2017: MNPS Amps Up Water Testing Before School Begins

Metro School officials are promising to speed up efforts to test for lead in the district's drinking water. This follows a NewsChannel 5 investigation that revealed high levels of lead were found in water tested last summer.

July 11, 2017: Lawmaker: MNPS Report Shows Need For Action

A Nashville lawmaker says he hopes a NewsChannel 5 investigation will give him new ammunition to do something about lead in school drinking water. Rep. Jason Powell's fellow legislators were skeptical that there was really a problem.

July 13, 2017: Few Schools Outside Nashville Test For Lead

Most Middle Tennessee school districts do not test for lead in the water students drink according to a survey by NewsChannel 5 Investigates. Many claim they are not required to test - despite the fact the EPA "strongly recommends" testing.

July 25, 2017: MNPS Still Plans To Ignore Some High Lead Tests

Earlier this month, Metro Schools assured parents that the district would test every drinking fountain for lead before the start of school. But, now, NewsChannel 5 Investigates has discovered that doesn't necessarily mean the water will be completely safe.

Aug. 4, 2017: What Metro Schools Isn't Telling You About Lead

There's a lot that Metro Schools isn't revealing in its Friday-night "news dump" about its testing for lead in school water.

Aug. 14, 2017: Students Drank Lead-Contamined Water - For Year

Metro Schools knowingly let some students drink lead-contaminated water for an entire school year, an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation has discovered. It occurred inside Tusculum Elementary, one of the district's poorest and most diverse schools with students from all over the globe.

Sept. 25, 2017: Students Still Drinking Lead-Contaminated Water

A NewsChannel 5 investigation discovers information potentially affecting the health of school children across Nashville. It reveals children are still drinking lead-contaminated water when they go to school -- despite the district's assurances that there's nothing to worry about.

Oct. 9, 2017: A Tale Of Two MNPS School Districts

Some Nashville parents are finding ways to protect their children from being exposed to toxic lead in their drinking water at school. It turns out, it's a problem that can be fixed with money. But for students in Nashville's poorer schools, that's not an option.

Sept. 27, 2017: Mayor Promises To Reduce School Lead Levels

We're going to get lead levels in school drinking water as low as possible. That's the promise from Nashville Mayor Megan Barry. It follows an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation.

Oct. 3, 2017: Check Test Results For Your Child's School Water

Click here to review the results of the lead tests conducted by MNPS during the summer of 2017.

Oct. 24, 2017: Five Things To Know About Lead In School Water

Members of the joint House education committees will hear testimony Wednesday about the issue of lead in school drinking water.

Oct. 25, 2017: No One Monitors Lead In Schools, Lawmakers Told

When your children go off to school, you hope they're not being exposed to poisons in their drinking water. But, following a NewsChannel 5 investigation, Tennessee lawmakers heard Wednesday that lead could be a problem that no one's watching.

Feb. 13, 2018: Legislation Would Require Lead Tests In Schools

If your child's school doesn't have a plan to test for lead in the water, they may have to develop one. On the heels of a NewsChannel 5 investigation, a key House committee passed legislation that would require them to do just that.

March 12, 2018: Recording Reveals Plan To 'Bypass' Lead Filters

A secret recording, obtained by NewsChannel 5 Investigates, reveals a plan to sabotage efforts to protect Nashville school children from toxic lead in their drinking water. That plan was developed by the man in charge of Metro school buildings.

March 13, 2018: Audio Sparks Outrage, Mayor Calls For Answers

A NewsChannel 5 investigation of lead in the drinking water of Nashville schools has gone national, and now mayor says he wants answers. 

March 14, 2018: MNPS Spokesperson Questions Need For Filters

On the heels of a NewsChannel 5 investigation, at least one Metro school now has the filtered water fountains that parents had been fighting for. That despite claims from a district spokesperson that the filters are an expensive choice that does nothing to protect children.

March 19, 2018: School Official Resigns After Secret Recording

A Metro Schools administrator has resigned following the disclosure of a secret recording where he plotted to bypass filters designed to protect children from exposure to lead in their water.

April 18, 2018: Lead Testing Bills Revived In Last-Minute Move

Child safety advocates are celebrating the sudden revival of two pieces of legislation designed to protect Tennessee children from toxic lead in their school drinking water.

April 24, 2018: Lead Testing Bill Clears Final Vote

Legislation requiring Tennessee school systems to test for toxic lead in their drinking water now heads to Gov. Bill Haslam for his signature.

May 8, 2018: MNPS Testing May Have Masked Water Contamination

Nashville school officials may have covered up problems with the district's drinking water, using a testing protocol that masks the real level of lead contamination, a NewsChannel 5 investigation has discovered.

May 9, 2018: Could Copper Contamination Make Students Sick?

Copper hasn't been something that anyone has talked about. That all changed when a Metro Schools insider came to NewsChannel 5 Investigates with a water sample from one water fountain.

May 23, 2018: Flint Expert: MNPS Lead Tests Belong In Garbage

One of the nation's top experts says Metro Schools needs to take tests they've done looking for lead in school drinking water and throw the results "right into the garbage."

May 23, 2018: Mayor Pledges To 'Look Into' NC5 Findings As Opponents Pounce

In a clarifying statement released the night before voters go to the polls, Mayor David Briley pledged to work with Metro departments "to look into the Channel 5 findings."

June 20, 2018: One-Hour Special Looks At MNPS Lead Issues

A NewsChannel 5 Investigates special looks back at our yearlong investigation of lead contamination issues in the drinking water of Nashville schools and explores what parents across Tennessee can learn from the controversy.

July 5, 2018: The Rest Of The Story About Lead In MNPS Water

MNPS responded to our reports by posting a claim on its website that “EPA validates Metro Schools' lead testing protocol." But our investigation discovered there's a lot more to the story.

Aug. 6, 2018: Mayor Intervenes, MNPS Revamps Lead-Testing Plan

It took pressure from the mayor, but Metro Schools has now stopped using a controversial technique for testing for toxic lead in school drinking water.

Nov. 22, 2018: One-Hour Special Looks At MNPS Lead Issues

The updated NewsChannel 5 Investigates special looks back at our yearlong investigation of lead contamination issues in the drinking water of Nashville schools and explores what parents across Tennessee can learn from the controversy.

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